Type Midterm

Just a reminder that you have resources available to you to study for the midterm. In addition to reviewing content from the readings I had assigned to you during the first half of the semester, I have posted handouts and exercises on the “resources” page of this blog. These lectures will be handy:

A Type Primer / Kane

Lecture Slides: Type Classifications

Lecture Slides: Type Families & Punctuation

Lecture Slides: Readability, Legibility and Spacing

As well as these supplemental web article readings:

A Good Overview of Type Classifications
History of typography: Humanist
History of typography: Old Style
History of typography: Transitional
History of typography: Modern
History of typography: Slab-Serif

Thinking with Type: Punctuation
Smashing Magazine: Mind Your En And Em Dashes: Typographic Etiquette

Font Readability and Legibility
Reviving Caslon: Readability, Affability, Authority


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